PeopleForBikes Podium Hat

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If you're looking for a casual hat to wear around town or to throw on after a sweaty bike ride, the PeopleForBikes Podium hat by Headsweats is the cap for you. Features include a quick-drying Eventure™ fabric shell, terry sweatband and a plastic snap back closure. A white PeopleForBikes logo is stitched on the back, while a brown bike patch stands out on the front.

These hats were graciously donated from our friends at Headsweats.

Please note that items ship 3-5 business days from date of purchase.

About Headsweats
Headsweats Perspiration Technology Headwear® was founded in the winter of 1998 by shoe industry veteran and obsessed cyclist, Alan Romick. Frustrated by the perils of heavy sweat blindness, migrating sunscreen, and odd sunburn pattern on his head through his helmet, he set out to develop headgear that worked. Encouraged by the constant feedback within the local cycling community, he took the best attributes of what was available and improved on them. Alan’s products quietly became elite athlete’s secret weapon around the world, eventually expanding to over 17 different products available in over 140 different colors and styles.